Heaven In The Details

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I’ve had “Helvetica” in my Netflix queue for a while now.  I haven’t gotten around to watching it because the topic is insanely boring for my wife. To quote, “They are talking about fonts?!?”

It was in her shock that I discovered something brilliant.  These people LOVED typography. Not to the point where they are just graphic designers and it is another tool in their set. They LOVED typography. They loved creating, analyzing, deconstructing, studying, cataloguing, spotting and discussing fonts.  They loved every single detail, and their enthusiasm poured out of the television.

This same enthusiasm is the driving force behind SEOs.  The finest details and changes are analyzed, deconstructed, studied and heavily debated. There is a passion for details and the impact of the smallest change. Without this passion, an SEO would be dead in the water.

And just as I immediately begin analyzing any site for SEO value, I now see Helvetica everywhere.



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  1. Helvetica says:

    Helvetica is amazing.

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